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maskJambo Imports is Ahmed Obo’s second business endeavor, following his very successful Jambo Café. In 2012, Mr. Obo had a desire to bring the colors and tastes of Africa to America by importing spices, clothing, art, textiles, sculpture, baskets and other hand-grown or -made products.   Most of our inventory is made by hand from the tribes and indigenous people in various countries in Africa. While other items are Africa-inspired, mostly art.

Jambo Imports carries it all. From items for your kitchen such as salad bowls and forks, hand-painted wooden bowls, soapstone plates, hand-carved napkin rings, and place mats—to jewelry and clothing such as beaded bracelets, precious stone adornment, and hand-made earrings and necklaces, daishikis, kaftans, and cloth from various regions—to hand-carved and painted masks, sculpture, drums, and furniture.  Jambo Imports lets you take a bit of Mother Africa home with you.

Ahmed M. Obo, owner, chef, and visionary brings the the mystery and magic of Africa to the City Different.  His endeavors include the nationally-famous Jambo Cafe, a new food truck Jambo Hapa (hapa means “here” in Swahili), and Jambo Kids Foundation—a social enterprise focusing on health and wellness of children and families in his home town of Lamu, Kenya.





Cook Like Chef Ahmed!

The Jambo Cookbook is here!

The long anticipated cookbook by Chef Ahmed Obo is now available.  The Jambo Café Cookbook: My Journey from Africa to America is part memoir and part cookbook, Chef Ahmed shares 70 recipes including traditional Swahili fare, Jambo Café favorites, and completely new creations.


Jambo Gear!


We love you! The Jambo Community are some of the most kind-hearted people around. We so appreciate seeing a Jambo Café T-shirt or hat around town and beyond. Bring Jambo home with you—wherever that is—and spread the Jambo love by sharing food together, being good to one another, and giving to those in need..





Spice It Up!


Spices are the way in East African cooking. It is influenced by foods, sauces, and seasonings from countries circling the Indian Ocean. From chile to cinnamon to cardamom to curry, Jambo Imports carries the most delectable spices and spices blends available. Chef Ahmed’s proprietary curry blends are available alongside spices specifically used in the recipes from his cookbook.