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Unique spices are the basis for the many Afro-Caribbean flavors of Chef Ahmed’s award-winning recipes. The spice packs are the actual blends and/or spices that Chef Ahmed uses in the dishes at Jambo Cafe. Individual packets will be available soon.  Our packs compliment the recipes found in the cookbook:

Curry Pack: includes 2 ozs each of Chef Ahmed’s proprietary curry blends for Coconut Chicken Stew, Black Bean Soup, Lentil Stew, and Coconut Peanut Stew

Pepper Pack:  includes 2 ozs each of Sweet Smoked Paprika, Hot Smoked Paprika, Red Chile with Cayenne, and 1 oz of African Bird’s Eye Chiles

African Spice Pack: includes 2 ozs each of Chef Ahmed’s top shelf African spice blends—Pili Pili, Harissa, Baharat, and Ras el Hanout


Chef Ahmed’s Pepper Pack
A selection of Chef Ahmed’s most-used spices! Includes 2 oz packages of Sweet Smoked Paprika; Hot Smoked Paprika; Red Chili with Cayenne; and a 1 oz package of African Bird's Eye Chiles.
Price: $11.50
Chef Ahmed’s Curry Pack
A selection of Chef Ahmed’s proprietary curry blends! Includes 2 oz packages of curries for the following recipes: Curry Chicken, Black Bean Curry Soup, Lentil Stew, and the Peanut Chicken Stew.
Price: $20.00
Chef Ahmed’s African Spice Pack
includes 2 ozs each of Chef Ahmed’s own African spice blends—Pili Pili, Harissa, Baharat, and Ras el Hanout used in recipes in The Jambo Cafe Cookbook
Price: $14.50


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Cook Like Chef Ahmed!

The Jambo Cookbook is here!

The long anticipated cookbook by Chef Ahmed Obo is now available.  The Jambo Café Cookbook: My Journey from Africa to America is part memoir and part cookbook, Chef Ahmed shares 70 recipes including traditional Swahili fare, Jambo Café favorites, and completely new creations.


Jambo Gear!


We love you! The Jambo Community are some of the most kind-hearted people around. We so appreciate seeing a Jambo Café T-shirt or hat around town and beyond. Bring Jambo home with you—wherever that is—and spread the Jambo love by sharing food together, being good to one another, and giving to those in need..





Spice It Up!


Spices are the way in East African cooking. It is influenced by foods, sauces, and seasonings from countries circling the Indian Ocean. From chile to cinnamon to cardamom to curry, Jambo Imports carries the most delectable spices and spices blends available. Chef Ahmed’s proprietary curry blends are available alongside spices specifically used in the recipes from his cookbook.